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    Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings on Round Core

    Tite-Fit round-wound nickel-plated electric guitar strings are designed to be a great all-around string. They are available in awide range of gauges. Based upon a round core, the construction techniques for the Tite-Fit electrics are very old. However, the core wire and wrap wire in DR.s are the latest, most advanced and expensive metals available. For flexibility, for tone, for long life: for Rock, Blues, Heavy metal, Jazz. Tite-Fits are wonderful all-around string.

    7 String Lite LT7-9 9 11 16 24 32 42 52

    7 String Medium MT7-10 10 13 17 26 36 46 56


    DR.s EXTRA-Life strings offer players a superior coated strings without sacrificing the crisp tone, clarity, and volume of traditional DR HandMade Strings. EXTRA-Life is a super thin advanced .0003. coating on the plain strings and on the wrap wire. Advanced coating for .EXTRA-Life. and Protection.

    EXTRA-Life BLACK BEAUTIES Black Coated Electric Guitar Strings on Hexagonal Core 7 String Lite BKE7-9 9 11 16 24 32 42 52


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