Setius GTM-7

Regius 7

The mighty Regius-7 with additional H sound for a massive low-end. Neck-thru-body construction, Swamp Ash profiled body and 'radiused' Flamed Maple top, Ebony fingerboard (24 frets, no markers). ABM fixed strings-thru-body bridge, Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio pickups (1xH or H-H configuration and coil-spliting. Hand-made 3-ply binding (headstock, neck & body), In standard also with Sperzel tuners, Switchcraft jack, Graph Tech nut, Schaller Straplocks and a free hardcase (incl. in the price). Black or chrome hardware.

Other possible Regius-7 configurations:

Regius-7 (T-GRA), 1xH EMG pickup, 1 Vol knob, BLK hardware

Regius 7 Elements - WATER
Regius 7 Elements - AIR
Regius 7 Elements - EARTH
Regius 7 Custom Def of Prejudice
Sevenstringed Regius built for Def - guitarplayer of Prejudice band from Belgium. The guitar features only 1 EMG HB in bridge position and 1 volume knob (Q-parts angry skull model). Color Transparent Graphite Black, gloss finish. After Def's wish - his Ebony fingerboard has been outlined with Prejudice logotype engraved between 11-13 frets
Regius 7 Custom T-RED Raven of SAINC
Bloodred Regius-7 for Raven of Polish hardcore-metal SAINC. Chosen pickup configuration: S-S-H. Chosen tunres: Sperzel locking. 1 push-pull volume control knob, splitting coils in the bridge SD Duncan Distortion. Musician's name inscripted in the motherpearl rectangle on the 12th fretboard (extra charged custom option available in all our guitars & basses). Also - a after special wish of the musician - we've used another jack type here. Such jacks are no longer available in Regius models
Regius 7 Custom Tuni of Prejudice
Another Regius-7 for Prejudice (Belgium), owned by guitarplayer Tuni. The guitar follows almost same specs as Def's Regius, but comes in a subtle ocean blue color (also gloss finish) and with a Q-parts dome knob with natural abalone filling. The guitar features also a musician's nick on the 12th fret - engraved directly in the fingerboard and filled with acrylic pearl.
Skawinski Regius 7
A signature 7-stringed model, version designed in cooperation with Polish guitar legend - Grzegorz Skawinski. The specs follows Regius-7, but the the is made of 9 plies (Maple-Mahogany-Wenge), H-H pickups, 1 volume knob only. Skawinski model is also outlined with his signature on the headstock and standard dots on the fingerboard. The Skawinski signature model was submitted to Musikmesse International Press Award 2002.


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